Insurance. Advice. Support.

Honan provides a full range of insurance, risk and financial solutions. We go beyond a transactional broker model.

Our support crosses placement strategy, analysing your risk landscape and developing tailored recommendations. Our in-house claims department will advocate for you from the minute a claim arises.

Honan is big enough to offer you the world and small enough to keep it personal.

We own a unique space in the broker market.

Our technical expertise and global market scale give us the clout you need to ensure you’re getting the best cover, whilst our team focus on providing a tailored service experience.

We have a history of determination and courageous entrepreneurial spirit.

Over 55 years we have shown it is possible for an Australian business to evolve from small to large, from local to international, while retaining a reputation for integrity and distinction.

We are now recognised as one of the industry leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

Your needs are front and centre

When you think insurance, you may not think passion. At Honan we are dedicated to providing a significantly higher level of service.

It’s the main reason Honan has grown consistently for over 55 years and why our network extends to over 100 countries around the world. Our deep understanding of your business will give you the freedom to steer your company where it deserves to go.

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