• The industry is facing challenges, with the last insurer providing PI cover free from exclusions pulling out in June 2019. This leaves architects, fire engineers, building surveyors and other specialist who require this insurance to practice their profession at risk.
  • The construction industry is experiencing a rough period with recent declines in residential, apartments and commercial construction work.
  • Technology is becoming a large part of the construction industry with BIM/CAD being the most popular technology currently used in the industry (33%), followed by pre-fabricated parts (29%) and digital project management tools (25%). It is important to ensure your insurance coverage reflects this.

Are you covered?

  • Statutory Liability

    Covers the costs and expenses incurred by official investigations or inquiries against your business as a result of innocent breaches of various Acts of Parliament.

  • PI Design & Construct

    Protection against legal costs and expenses arising from acts, omissions or breaches out of or from actual or alleged breach of Professional duty, in connection with the Insured's Professional Business.

  • Pollution Liability

    Covers third parties from pollution caused by your business’s activities including personal injury and property damage. Coverage can include clean-up to remove hazardous substances and restoring properties to usable condition.

  • Marine Transit Insurance

    Cover for loss or damage to goods, machinery and equipment in transit from overseas or within Australia.

  • Consequential Loss/Delay in Start-Up

    Covers the risk of financial loss incurred past the original scheduled completion date due when the delay is caused by physical loss or damage to the project.

  • Structural Defects Liability

    Provides cover to the licensed commercial builders for their legal accountability in reference to structural defects occurring in a building they have completed.

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