Do I need Directors and Officers Insurance?

There are over 650 individual legislative provisions in force in Australia at present, which has resulted in increasing responsibility and accountability for directors and officers in both public and private companies.

Without cover, directors and officers risk being exposed to personal financial liability for alleged wrongdoing in their capacity as a director and officer of a company.

What does Directors and Officers Liability Insurance cover?

Directors and Officers Insurance offers protection if a claim is to arise, covering costs such as:

  • Defence costs.
  • Judgements.
  • Settlements.
  • Investigative Costs.
  • Compensation and damages.
  • Costs to appear at inquiries or investigations.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Examples of Claims

Claims can arise from their company, a shareholder, an employee, another director or officer of the company, a creditor, customers of the company or a regulator.

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