Any business is precious business, especially during these tumultuous times, and being covered for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely, is increasingly important to transport specialists.  Honan and Chubb have developed Multimodal Freight Liability Insurance with modern companies in mind; companies with many moving parts, a variety of clients and a range of staff serving customers all over the world.


One such Singapore-based company, ZALT Pte, managed by Jeffery Foo found out just how valuable a comprehensive insurance plan can be in spring of 2020. With sales and shipping tailing off, a large shipment of steel pipes to Japan was secured, offering a solid job for Mr. Foo’s team. Mr Foo’s regular and usually trustworthy lashing contractor was employed and no issues were reported. However, due to an unanticipated amount of movement during bad weather at sea, the lashing work failed, meaning damages to the container and adjacent containers too (not to mention the pipes themselves.) The extra time taken to unload and eventually remove the damaged containers was claimed by the ship owner, alongside the costs of the damage itself and a long delay in port.

Nothing had prepared Mr Foo for such a sizeable and unexpected invoice, but Honan and Chubb’s Multimodal Freight Liability Insurance is prepared for anything and everything. Costs for any negligence to a third-party, including:

  • Accidental bodily injury         
  • Consequential loss arising from accidental bodily injury or
  • Accidental property loss or damage
  • Property loss/damage

can easily be claimed back, on a sliding scale of coverage from Bronze to Platinum packages. More information on any terms and conditions that need to be covered can be found on the Honan website below. Never be caught out by the unexpected again.


Do you have problems with a third party claim? Mr Foo did. See how Multimodal Freight Liability Insurance policy with Honan and Chubb meant his problems were solved with one phone call.  Read more about transport and logistics insurance here.

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