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Changes to the Worker’s Injury Compensation Act (WICA) in Singapore are live, and critical for business leaders to be across. Effective as of April 2021, the following amendments must be observed by all businesses in Singapore:
  • The salary threshold for workers performing non-manual work has increased from SGD 2,100 to SGD 2,600 per month. This threshold excludes any overtime pay, bonuses, and other payments.
  • For employees who are performing non-manual work, but earning more than SGD 2,600 per month, coverage is not compulsory under the Act, however, employers are still responsible for any injuries suffered during the course of employment, and therefore cover is highly recommended.
  • Cover is mandatory for all employees performing manual work, regardless of their salary level.


These changes are in addition to those which came into effect on January 1, 2021, being:
  • Employers must ensure applicable Worker’s Compensation Cover is in place 21 days before the inception of the policy. *This change was implemented as all policy documentation is centrally collated and maintained by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) from your individual Insurance Company.
  • To comply with the aforementioned change, all employee data must be submitted to your broker or insurer 28 days ahead of policy renewal.
  • Submission of signed, completed proposal forms is mandatory for every employer at every policy renewal.
  • The amount of data you must provide has also been expanded to now include:
  • Category of employee
  • Occupation
  • Headcount
  • Total Earning wages, including bonuses, employee CPF contributions, AWS payments, and any allowances that employees are entitled to.


Failure to accurately disclose employee information can result in the declination of claims submitted and employers may be investigated by the MOM.

Employers should further note that any failure to provide mandatory Worker’s Compensation Cover is an offence under the Worker’s Injury Compensation Act (2019), with penalties for non-compliance enforceable by the MOM in the form of fines of up to SGD 10,000, up to 12 months imprisonment, or both.



For further information on this legislation, and how it might impact your existing policies, please contact your Honan broker.


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